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Clojure Tools installed at -C:\Users\HP\OneDrive\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\ClojureTools\ after other options rejected.

I also have Leinigen 2.10.0 on Java 17.0.6 Hotspot 64-bit Server VM.

And I have Calva installed on VS Code.

Unable to run Clojure REPL, and REPL not found.

Tried to install Clojure using NuGet Manager for Visual Studio 2022 Community but failed - package not found.

Can somebody please bring Clojure up to Beta Status, or make it Release Candidate. Would like Clojure to run on my Windows laptop. I can then dump Racket (which is also useful).

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You can try installing with https://github.com/casselc/clj-msi or https://github.com/borkdude/deps.clj and see if those work better for you.