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Hello, I am unable to find out how to import and use a library from my local ~.m2 directory using leiningen. I have installed [apache pdfbox 2.0.27] (https://pdfbox.apache.org/) using groupID 'deps' and artifactID 'pdfbox' and added it to my project.clj (until here everything seems to work fine as lein install does not complain). Now I am trying to import the pdmodel.PDDocument class as instructed here by supplying the :import option to the ns function. However, it doesn't seem to work, and I am unable to find documentation that works for me.

Should I import deps.pdfbox, or just pdfbox, and then for class import pdmodel, or pdmodel.PDDocument? Or, as this all does not seem to work, am I doing anything else wrong?

Anyone here has any advice? Thank you!

closed with the note: Got an answer on the zulip clojurians channel already...