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when I run lein fig:build it prints diagnostics like:
[Figwheel] Watching paths: ("test" "src" "src/mypkg") to compile build - dev

But it really doesn't, when I change something in src, it just stays silent, nothing changes in browser also. Irun it in WSL2 and I guess it might be reated to it, because npm builds with watch functionality also didn't do actual watching. Only solution I found is https://ma.rcbla.se/blog/2020/08/gulp-watch-not-firing-with-changed-files-when-run-in-wsl/

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Hi @deflexor,

If you downgrade to com.bhauman/figwheel-main {:mvn/version "0.2.12"},
you can specify :hawk-options {:watcher :polling} in your figwheel options.
This was removed in 0.2.14, sorry about that.

Alternatively you can also use shadow-cljs with polling:
:fs-watch {:watcher :polling} in your shadow-cljs.edn config.
You can also set this in ~/.shadow-cljs/config.edn for CI only