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TDEPS-187 changed clojure.tools.deps.alpha/calc-basis, which now merges argmaps after {:libs libs} - diff.

I'm running on tools deps at this commit, and I'm unable to add libs.

clojure.tools.deps.alpha.repl/add-libs calls calc-basis with initial-basis as the second argument, which means the :libs in initial basis replace those calculated by calc-basis.

Switching the merge order to:

(merge master-edn cp argmaps {:libs libs}) ``

enables me to add libs to the classpath.

Is this a regression, or am I holding it wrong?

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I think I would rephrase to say TDEPS-187 revealed how add-libs use of calc-basis was already broken. :)

I just updated add-libs to correct that in 83a477b305839c697666401508c395cfed29506a - that should help.

Aha! Thanks :D