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In some situations like when using nil in :classpath-overrides, the classpath can end up having empty paths like src::/home/russ/russmatney/ralphie/src:::/home/russ/.m2/repository/cheshire/cheshire/5.10.0/cheshire-5.10.0.jar.
This has the effect that the local dir is added to the classpath. Demo:

echo '(ns foo) (prn :foo)' > foo.clj
clj -Scp ":$(clojure -Spath)" -M -e "(require 'foo)"

Repro to get a classpath with empty paths:


   {org.clojure/clojure          ""
    org.clojure/spec.alpha       ""
    org.clojure/core.specs.alpha ""}}}}


$ clojure -Spath -A:remove-clojure

Alex classified this as a bug on Clojurians slack.

Maybe the empty paths returned from tools.deps.alpha should be fixed.
The empty path on the classpath behavior might be JVM behavior.

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