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The following works with clojure.data.json version 1.0.0, but throws an exception in 2.0.2 and 2.1.0 (other versions not tested):

(defn read-json []

The exception:
Execution error (IOException) at java.io.PushbackReader/unread (PushbackReader.java:179). Pushback buffer overflow`

It also throws the exception when reading from the file locally.

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Fix attached to issue
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As a workaround you can do

(clojure.data.json/read-str (slurp  "https://github.com/phronmophobic/clj-cef/raw/main/resources/cef.json"))
I'm not blocked on anything since version 1.0.0 works great for me. I just noticed it when I was upgrading a bunch of dependencies.

Thanks for the quick response!