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I would like to add some information to the README for core.match. However, a simple PR on the README seems to be against the procedure.

How do I contribute? I already have a signed CA.

Also, JIRA appears to be down (tried that first).

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You opened a PR and the PR template you edited has instructions that the project does not take PRs and links to how to contribute (in particular a link to https://clojure.org/community/contributing).

The information there (https://clojure.org/community/contributing#_reporting_problems_and_requesting_enhancements) will direct you first here for filing problems (create in category Contrib libs / core.match) and to contribute patches (https://clojure.org/community/contributing#_development) directs you further to https://clojure.org/dev/dev.

The process involves:

  • signing the CA (which you've done)
  • filing a support request to get a jira account (but you already have one)

The JIRA project as linked from the core.match readme is https://dev.clojure.org/jira/browse/MATCH (which is actually out of date but redirects to the current JIRA at https://clojure.atlassian.net/projects/MATCH and is up). I'll fix those links.

Hi - I had an (apparently) out of date JIRA link:  http://dev.clojure.org/jira/secure/Dashboard.jspa

I'll bookmark the current one.