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Hi, I have NO programming experience at all, so would appreciate any help.

I downloaded a program written in Clojure from GitHub and want to run it on my Windows 10 laptop. It was in a zipped file and I unzipped it. The folder contains many elements, including .iml and.clj files

I obtained Clojure for windows via and successfully installed it.

I then tried to run the program via Windows power Shell but I can't get it to start.

Any advice on this, please?

Thank you.

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I think you'll need to provide more info to clarify what the program is for anyone to help.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer.
the program is a bitcoin miner described as "Bitcoin Mining for Fun and No Profit". It's designed not for making money as the Hash rate is so low, but rather a demonstration of mining on a laptop. I would really like to run it on my computer at home.

The Github link is:

Thank you for your help.
The readme on that repo has instructions on how to install and run the code. You'll need git installed, in order to run git clone, and you'll need lein installed -- see -- in order to run the Clojure code.