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Hello, I have more than 100 files in my lein project that describe the tasks, the data for them and their solution to make sure that the solution meets the described data I am testing the call of the solve function in another test file. For example, I have namespace task-one and task-two and files task_one.clj and task_two.clj, to test them I need to create a separate task_one_test.clj and task_two_test.clj inside test directory, inside test files the same test function is launched, only test data and solution functions differ. Since the task files are more than 100, the test files are also more than 100, but I want to run tests for all the tasks inside one common file, without having to create additional files. I have understood that the deftest macro is tied to the namespace in which it runs, so the test will run only once for this common file, which does not solve my problem with a large number of files describing the same tests. How this problem can be solved? Thanks for the answers!

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could you provide a sample of what a data file, source file, and test file look like?