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Greetings! My main goal is to implement simple CRUD app using fullstack clojure/clojurescript. After I created a simple clojure server, I needed to connect clojurescript to the project, but I don't quite understand how to do it. Studying examples via the Internet didn't help, since many examples are not relevant (2017 year or less) or do not give a clear idea of ​​how to do this. It would be great if someone suggested how to connect clojurescript in the leiningen clojure project as simply as possible. Thanks for your attention and answers!

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You need to do a clojurescript setup it can be done in the same project, develop a SPA, and consume your API.

To setup the clojurescript, with npm support and hot-reload stuff i recommend:

You will eventually need to generate HTML or serve static files. Case generate, I recommend hiccup.

Then you need a SPA framework. I recommend Fulcro, but re-frame is way simpler (or reagent for dead-simple react-equivalent)