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I'm trying to create a collection that plays well with clojure. This is what I came up with:


I've tried to make it behave like 'PersistentList'. But there's an issue with it. Sometimes an empty collection of this type resolves to '(nil)' when working with it in clojure:

(seq (ROVec. (byte-array 0)))
=> (nil)
(vec (ROVec. (byte-array 0)))
=> []
(vec (seq (ROVec. (byte-array 0))))
=> []
(lazy-seq (ROVec. (byte-array 0)))
=> (nil)
(vec (lazy-seq (ROVec. (byte-array 0))))
=> [nil]

I think the issue is '.first' for an empty ROVec returns nil, just like it does for 'PersistentList'. How do I fix this?

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I changed the class so that now it extends ISeq instead of ASeq and implemented method seq() to return null when the collection is empty.

Also, have you tried https://github.com/ztellman/collection-check ? "This is both a validation that the data structure is correct and that it implements all necessary interfaces."