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Here are steps to reproduce at the REPL:
- (c.t.n.r/refresh) succeeds
- Modify any file in the classpath
- (c.t.n.r/refresh) fails from not having found certain namespace(s) (not always the same one(s))

This always happens with a particular project, but no (known) others of relatively similar complexity. AOT compilation/execution works with the project in question, as do requires without using (c.t.n.r/refresh). For (c.t.n.r/refresh), load-file works in place of require :reload in clojure.tools.namespace.reload/track-reload-one. It is not known what the root cause of this bug is beyond require :reload, or why load-file works instead, but it's a simple enough patch with no known downsides. For now I'm hot-swapping code every time at the REPL.

A fork is available at https://github.com/alexandergunnarson/tools.namespace from which I can submit a patch if desired.

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/TNS-50 (reported by alex+import)