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This would be similar to https://github.com/gfredericks/test.chuck/blob/9f424c474b02f6e89b423049b5c5daebf71cec9c/src/com/gfredericks/test/chuck/clojure_test.cljc#L112.

Have to think carefully about when to print clojure.test's standard failure stuff with respect to shrinking.

Note that adding {{is}} support means that we would get {{thrown?}} and {{thrown-with-msg?}} support as well, which are use cases that are currently more awkward to hand-roll.

h2. on the other hand

am I just wanting to do this because of the "test output is bad" problem? Is there a better solution that attacks that directly?

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/TCHECK-101 (reported by gfredericks)