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This works correctly in core.logic for clojure:

(run 1 [q]
     (fresh [v]
            (== v 1)
            (== {:x v} q)))

In ClojureScript, I get this though:

({:x <lvar:v_4>})

3 Answers

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Comment made by: norman

The clojurescript code did not implement -walk-term for PersistentArrayMap.

I've copied the PersistentHashMap implementation for PersistentArrayMap. Note: the current implementation (walk-term-map**) does not actually work for hash maps due to the use of -next and -first. Changing these to next and first would fix this for hash maps, but I'm not sure if this has any implications in clojurescript or not.

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Comment made by: dnolen

Norman, do you mean -next, -first doesn't work for array maps?

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/LOGIC-142 (reported by pangloss)