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Currently LVar objects print the same as symbols; they should either print as an unreadable form, or in a way that the reader can read them back in and get an LVar. Attached patch causes them to be read in as LVars.

However, (read-string (pr-str lv)) does not compare as equal to lv, because the implementation of .equals relies on their string :name objects being identical? - which they will not be, if one LVar was created by the lvar function, which uses str, and the other created by read-string, which uses String/intern.

It seems plausible to say that LVars can't be compared for equality after sending them through strings, but that's awkward and unpleasant. We could instead define LVars to compare their names with = rather than with identical?, but David expressed concern about the performance implications of that change.

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/LOGIC-43 (reported by amalloy)