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Issues with a single compound to-java method

The common to-java implementation for (link: Object Map), hard codes:
- no constructor args
- setters with java bean convention
Often times, classes need special treatment during construction. E.g. if the constructor(s) take parameters, or the setters are non-standard.
The to-java method can be specialized to achive that, however, at this point one is bound to reimplementing (or pasting) parts from java.data source, since all the helpers in java.data are private.

Proposed Enhancements

  • API to call a bunch of setters a la carte
  • a well known keyword :java.data/constructor to pass constructor args
  • other functionality might be made public, if it's useful in its own right

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/JDATA-3 (reported by bendlas)