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The ClojureScript implementation of {{ex-triage}} provides full path in {{:clojure.error/source}} when it should only provide the filename.

To repro, add a unit test to {{cljs.repl-test}}:

(deftest test-cljs-xxxx
  (let [m {:phase :compilation
           :via [{:data {:clojure.error/source "/home/me/project/src/foo/baz.cljs"}}]}]
    (is (= "baz.cljs" (:clojure.error/source (cljs.repl/ex-triage m))))))

This fails with

FAIL in (test-cljs-xxxx) (core-advanced-test.js:1370:83)
expected: (= "baz.cljs" (:clojure.error/source (cljs.repl/ex-triage m)))
  actual: (not (= "baz.cljs" "/home/me/project/src/foo/baz.cljs"))

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/CLJS-3110 (reported by mfikes)