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Compiler complains of missing provides when there is circular dependency in node_modules.

Cause is the order of the 'goog.addDependency' statements in out/cljs_deps.js

goog.addDependency("../node_modules/lib1.js", (link: 'lib1'), (link: 'lib2')); // This line will fail since 'lib2' is not yet provided
goog.addDependency("../node_modules/lib2.js", (link: 'lib2'), (link: 'lib1'));

Example of affected node_modules: apollo-client 1.9.2

I'm not sure if this is a closure compiler limitation or explicitly unsupported, but it does reduce the number of node packages that can be included using node_modules.

Current workaround is to rewrite the library code to not have circular deps or to switch to cljsjs.

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Comment made by: deraen

I didn't notice circular dependencies when testing Apollo-client 1.9.2 with latest Cljs changes, but there is something else strange going on.

// Code from apollo-client references some modules by incorrect name:

// From whatwg file:

It is possible this is caused by Cljs bug, because provide name is created by us, and require names are provided by Closure.

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