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With graal installed:

$ java -version
openjdk version "1.8.0_212"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_212-20190420112649.buildslave.jdk8u-src-tar--b03)
OpenJDK GraalVM CE 19.0.0 (build 25.212-b03-jvmci-19-b01, mixed mode)

$ clj -Sdeps '{:deps {org.clojure/clojurescript {:mvn/version "1.10.520"}}}' -m cljs.main -re graaljs
ClojureScript 1.10.520
cljs.user=> (ns com.foo)

com.foo=> (defn bar [])
com.foo=> (bar)
Execution error (Error) at (<cljs repl>:1).
(intermediate value).foo.bar.call is not a function

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Comment made by: kommen

Work has started to remove all usage of java-package-globals here: CLJS-3089

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/CLJS-3087 (reported by kommen)