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I was trying to point my users at the reference documentation for spit to help them understand how they could customize output, and found that the options like :append true are not documented. Even if they are resourceful enough to figure out how to get to the docstring for clojure.java.io/writer itself, the options are not documented there either. I would basically need to teach them how to open a repl to explore the source code, or find it on GitHub, in order to figure this stuff out. Since they are generally not software developers, but musicians or their lighting/visuals staff trying to use a tiny bit of Clojure code to glue together shows, it would be nice if this information was easier to surface.

Some of this information can be found by scrolling down into examples on clojuredocs.org, but it would seem nice to have a definitive list of the options supported in the doc strings themselves.

Patch: clj-2500.patch

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/CLJ-2500 (reported by alex+import)