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(s/def :ex/f fn?)
(s/def :ex/m (s/keys :opt [:ex/f]))
(s/fdef my-fn
        :args (s/cat :m :ex/m))
(defn my-fn [f])
(clojure.spec.test.alpha/check `my-fn)

Actual:  Exception is thrown - "Unable to construct gen at: [:m :ex/f] for: :ex/f"

Expected: A value should be returned containing the failure. This is the behavior that will occur if you replace the ":opt" with a ":req" in the keys spec.

I would expect this value to contain a failure such that:

(ex-data (:result (:clojure.spec.test.check/ret (first (clojure.spec.test.alpha/check `my-fn))))) ;; => #:clojure.spec.alpha{:path [:m :ex/f], :form :ex/f, :failure :no-gen}

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/CLJ-2348 (reported by bbrinck)