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In versions of CLJS after 1.10.891, when having ES5 set as language out, I get a warning for /goog/i18n/numberformat.js:963:8 that

ERROR - [JSC_LANGUAGE_FEATURE] This language feature is only supported for ECMASCRIPT_2019 mode or better: Optional catch binding.

As far as I can tell, this issue has not yet been reported to the Google Closure Compiler.

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I'm seeing this behaviour as well with the following compiler options.

{:main            app.ns
 :optimizations   :advanced}

while I feel this is something that would require further attention, the solution I applied was.

{:main            app.ns
 :optimizations   :advanced
 :language-in     :ecmascript-next
 :language-out    :ecmascript-next}

Note: I'm not suggesting this is what you should do. Some may not be able to just change their output like this, but for my case it was fine.