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The clojure.xml parse docstring mentions that parameter s "can be a File, InputStream or String naming a URI."  But those choices do not cover a common case, parsing the value of a String.  Actually, parse also allows InputSource, which solves the problem.  The docstring should mention InputSource (or clarify its omission, if not inadvertent).

user> (use '[clojure.xml :as xml])
user> (import '[java.io StringReader])
user> (import '[org.xml.sax InputSource])
user> (xml/parse (InputSource. (StringReader. "<egg>green</egg>")))
{:tag :egg, :attrs nil, :content ["green"]}

*Approach:* Update doc-string to reflect that s also can be an InputSource
*Patch:* CLJ-1290.patch
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Comment made by: edipofederle

You and mean that de (doc xml/parse) should include also "can be a xml String" ?
I don't know if I understand you right.

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Comment made by: pbwolf

{{InputSource}} is the use of {{xml/parse}} that is not encompassed by the docstring:

(xml/parse (InputSource. (StringReader. "<egg>green</egg>")))

Perhaps {{xml/parse}} aimed to hide {{InputSource}} by making specific provision for some of {{InputSource}}'s capabilities. But reading a {{String}} is important, and {{xml/parse}} does not accept a {{StringReader}}, so {{InputSource}} remains important.

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/CLJ-1290 (reported by alex+import)