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As in title,
I am not too good of programmer, best I can do is like, write simple number guessing game, and I guess that is an elementary thing to even be able to do..

My question is, what are good resources to get better at clojure, that does not require much prior experience?

And other question while we are at it..
Would be going through specific tutorials, like for example, how to write simple snake game in clojure, and then playing around with it, changing things, be a decent approach?

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Welcome to Clojure!

If you have not already, a good place to start is the Clojure resources page.
In particular, look at the Tutorials and Learning Materials section.

Since you are relatively new to programming, you might look for a ClojureBridge workshop near you (or at a convenient time). You might also find the materials in ClojureBridge repo on Github useful.

I would also encourage you to join the #beginners channel on the Clojurians Slack channel and ask for help there.

Since Clojure is a REPL-based language, the best way to learn is to play around with an editor-connected REPL and slowly build up your skills. Start small. See the Introduction to the REPL and Resources for REPL driven development for more.

Thank you, I appreciate this greatly